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Company Profile

San Benito Shutter was established in 1990. We began as a small wood shutter manufacturer based in Northern California. We have grown in the past twenty years, from a one-man-show working out of a residential garage, into a major leader in the shutter industry.

Manufacturing a quality wood panel with a superior finish became the foundation of our beginning. With a true entrepreneur at the helm we have become the leading U.S. manufacturer of wood and poly panels and the fastest growing distributor of wood, poly and hardware shutter components. We provide free software to our component customers allowing them to manage and build to their unique specifications.

Our 113,000 square foot Hollister, CA manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and was designed from the ground up to manufacture panels. Our 68,000 square foot warehouse, stocked with over $5 million in component inventory, allows us the ability to offer same day shipments to our component customers.

Additionally, our 44,000 square foot distribution facility in Conyers, GA; our 50,000 square foot distribution and shape conversion facility in Fort Myers, FL; our 18,000 square foot distribution facility in Waxahachie, TX; and our 15,000 square foot distribution center in Riverside, CA allow us the ability to offer same day shipments nationwide.

We take great pride in being a U.S. manufacturer. We have spent nearly twenty five years focused solely on the shutter industry. We exclusively manufacture and distribute shutters and shutter components. By keeping our focus on one element of the vast window covering industry, we have been able to become true specialists in our field. Draperies, blinds, sheers, and shutters all have very different manufacturing needs and requirements. We have chosen to focus on one product in order to provide the very best that our division of the window covering industry offers.

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